Since the early days, OSMO has been building grassroots community projects for entrepreneurs.


Notman House

In 2009, the first project of OSMO saw the renovation of a physical space and beacon for entrepreneurship – Notman House (initially constructed in 1845), which is now Montreal's Google For Startups technology hub.

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In 2016, the OSMO Café was launched. Built under the footbridge that connects the Notman House to St Margaret's Hospice.

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TechAide is a fundraising campaign that brings people together to give back to Centraide of Greater Montreal and help break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion. Within less than two years, they have raised over $150,000.

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Innocité MTL

A startup accelerator addressing the needs of city dwellers. The private sector, mainly formed by startups, will implement solutions to urban issues. Created in 2015 by OSMO, the city of Montreal and Patrick Gagné, the program brings startups and cities together to make cities smarter.

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AI4Good Lab

The AI Summer Lab is an initiative of OSMO, The Reasoning and Learning Lab at McGill University, the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) and co-organised with DeepMind. It brings together 30+ female undergraduates for a 6-week collaborative program to learn technical concepts in machine learning, prototype development and design skills.

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Montreal Startup Ecosystem Report

The Montreal Startup Ecosystem Report is a snapshot of the Montreal ecosystem taken every year, which characterizes the reality of all startups surveyed and shares the latest numbers and facts in the space. 

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Montreal Startup Community Awards

The Montreal Startup Community Awards is an event to celebrate all the people, places and organizations that are working tirelessly, often without recognition to build and grow Montreal’s tech ecosystem.

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Startup Open House

Montreal Startup Open House is an event where startups in the city open their doors and welcome top talent, passionate investors and curious neighbours into their offices.

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